Overnight / 2 meals / Weekday

Adult1 guest11,000 yen
2 guests9,350 yen
+3 guests8,250 yen

Non-weekday (including Friday)

Adult1 guest12,650 yen
2 guests11,000 yen
+3 guests9,900 yen

Overnight / Breakfast / Weekday

Adult1 guest8,250 yen
2 guests6,600 yen
+3 guests5,500 yen

Non-weekday (including Friday)

Adult1 guest9,900 yen
2 guests8,250 yen
+3 guests7,150 yen

Overnight stay / No meals / Weekday

Adult1 guest7,150 yen
2 guests5,500 yen
+3 guests4,400 yen

Non-weekday (including Friday)

Adult1 guest8,800 yen
2 guests7,150 yen
+3 guests6,050 yen
  • Fees are applied on an individual basis. All prices are tax-included.
  • Note: The weekdays are considered Sunday through Thursday, and the weekend is Friday and Saturday. Holiday rates apply to the check-in day before a national holiday.
  • Special rates apply to year-end and Fuji Rock
  • 20% discount for elementary school-age children. 50% discount for kindergarden-age children. Infants (2 years and younger) are free.
  • Upon request, we can prepare meals for infants, for both breakfast (880 yen including tax) and dinner (1,650 yen including tax).
  • The Overnight plan without meals is not available during New Years period.
  • Reservations for December 31 are limited to telephone-only.
  • For groups of 10-40, please enquire by phone: 025-789-2295
  • During Fuji Rock, stays are 4-nights only. Fuji Rock Booking enquiries are limited telephone-only, starting from May.


25% payment is due within 7 days after a reservation. Final payment is due within 30 days prior to the booking. Please make all payments in Japanese yen.

Credit card

VISA、JCB、American Express、Diner's Club、UC、DC、NICOS、Master Card


Payments by PayPay now possible.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

Missed booking without notification 100% payment is required
Day of booking 100% payment is required
Day prior to Booking 50% payment is required
7 days prior to Booking 30% payment is required